Tips to Overcome Your Fear of Heights

Every had a fear that will cause you to have a panic attack in public? A fear so dreadful it can you scream out loud because it’s just to frightening? I can speak for numerous Americans when I say there there are thousands of fears in this world, and being afraid of heights is on the top ten of the list. Public speaking being the biggest fear of them all, heights coming in at number two, and bugs being the third greatest fear in America. Many people face day to day challenges, fears, and phobias for years but how do they get passed it? Well I’m here to let you know.

I’ve had a fear of heights as long as I could remember. It felt like yesterday, my God mother had taken me and some kids to Castle Park and I didn’t want to get on any rides but my God mother made me. I remember going on a rollercoaster with a sibling, and I could see the freeway from the rollercoaster. I was terrified because the roller coaster went in an upward downward motion as I screamed for my life. My stomach full of butterflies and it didn’t amuse me so I cried whilst on the three minute ride. I remember grabbing a random woman’s hand and yelling “I wanna get off this ride.” Luckily, the lady wasn’t rude or uneasy about it.

The origin of heights is called “acrophobia” and the definition is (it’s derived from the Greek term, meaning “peak, summit, edge”, and “fear”) it’s an extreme or irrational fear or phobia of heights, most likely it’s when one is not particularly high up. There are quite a few ways to get rid of this fear of “heights” as we call it. Fear of heights has been cause by a disfunction in maintaining your balance. Anxiety is the most leading trigger from a fear of heights.

The first tip is admitting you have a problem. How will you know how to face a problem if you don’t acknowledge you have one. When we as people have any type of phobia, fear, or challenge with something you need to be the one to tell yourself that there is a problem that exists within yourself. You should write that problem down and ask yourself “How can I fix this problem of mine?” Within those steps keep in mind that the issue will not be solved over night so don’t stress yourself. Begin to prepare yourself for the battle you’re about to fight, and don’t give up on the first try. What else can go wrong for trying?

The second tip that you can do to get rid of your heights is take a deep breath. You have to tell yourself that it will be alright. If you inhale and exhale for about three times I’m very sure you can see a difference. A therapist or whomever that has skilled knowledge in that type of area will tell you the second step is to either take a deep breath and to face your fears. Panicking only makes things worse. Whenever you see a high point, or a really tall level you should close your eyes and just take a deep breath. It helps a lot. Don’t think about the negatives just believe in yourself and you’ve already conquered half of your fear.

The third tip would be is to relax. I know relaxing is hard to do because your scared but it can relief a lot on your plate. Everyone is going to tell you this, but this is one of the most biggest tips that you should remember to do. Relaxing will help you cope with the fear of heights because when you panic you’re setting off a distinction in your nervous system and it’s scaring you more than helping you. Maybe you try can sitting on a cliff before you climb it. If you’re walking on a hike and your high up and don’t wanna look down you should take a deep breath and close you’re eyes until you can get to a point where you can deal with your difficulties.

Lastly, facing your fears and dealing with them would be the last tip I’d say that a person that is dealing with a phobia like the heights. It’s not that hard, you just have to take your time and get to it. Maybe you can go on a roller coaster, go on a ledge when you’re hiking, or maybe even go skydiving. They’re all great ways to cope with your heights and i hope that I listed some great advice for whose ever going through this at the moment. Remember fear is only in your mind. It’s your life and you have the power to change it.

Obama’s Plan to Destroy America Has Failed Miserably

When President Obama ran for each term he had an outlined plan of what he wanted to accomplish on a liberal agenda. This included things like closing down the Guantanamo Bay facility that housed enemy combatants from the Middle East. This, fortunately, was not accomplished though he was able to release some of the most dangerous detainees housed at the facility. This was not the only part of the administration’s plan for both terms and one of the items on their list that was accomplished was the health care insurance plan. Though it did not work out quite the way it was planned, it did accomplish blowing up the existing health care plans. This was promoted as being able to keep your doctor, keep your plan and save money. The opposite happened no existing plan met the requirements put into law, which caused millions to lose their health care and forced onto the new insurance plan. Plans that offer little in the way of health care but so costly people bowed out and paid a fine on their taxes instead.

Then another item on the list was to regulate businesses to a point that it was putting companies out of business. Fortunately, this has been changed and companies are going back to work including the coal mining industry that was decimated under the Obama administration. This was in an effort to battle what the administration promoted as our largest threat, climate change. This, fortunately, was done by executive order which has been undone allowing the coal mining industry to return to work. But it was costly since billions of tax dollars were given to a solar company that went out of business shortly afterward.

Foreign policy was questionable at best during the President Obama years, since at least two countries and possibly three were destabilized. First, the military troops were pulled from Iraq allowing the newly formed government struggling and a vacuum created to allow radicals to take over the country killing millions. This resulted in US troops having to return in what was termed an advisory role to take back cities that had already been fought for by US troops. Then there was the destabilizing of Libya and the events of Benghazi where American lives were lost without a rescue attempt even though the events of the fight took about eleven hours. This was brushed under the rug and the public told it happened because of a video until the real story began to emerge. If these events weren’t enough there were the new rules of engagement for US troops deployed that put them in further danger. There was also the red line for Syria drawn that was moved until the United States did nothing.

People who own weapons were under constant attack and any event taking place a weapon was used it was a reason for the President to attempt to further the agenda of trying to limit or do away with citizens Second Amendment rights. Fortunately, while this occurred the house and senate were not Democrat held and it was not possible to take away guns using an executive order. Though, that was one of the most used things by President Obama even coming out at one point and saying he had a pen and phone. This was meant to garner support from the public to change whatever the administration wanted whether it was actually good for the country or not.

Little attention was paid to countries like North Korea while they worked on a weapons program with the US as their bull’s eye. Instead, President Obama felt it more important to make a deal involving a large amount of cash with Iran in a trade to stop their weapons program for ten years. The deal had nothing in favor for the US. Next communications and deals were made with Cuba again with nothing in favor of the US not even the return of wanted criminals living there to avoid US law.

The tearing down of America’s values underwent abuse under President Obama. First, a new rule for the military permitting transgender service members to bring their lifestyle into daily duty. While an extremely small number of service members may fit into this category overall it caused havoc. The second and more serious issue was the administration’s idea that the US should have open borders resulting in tens of thousands of people to enter the country without visas. The last part of this agenda was to travel to other countries apologizing for the US and trying to bring the country down to the level of other countries instead of the US being the strong country.

These issues have been changed and while it affected the country the Obama administration was not able to accomplish their complete agenda. Much of this happened by executive order and has been undone by the new president.

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